Water Treatment Systems

Water Systems

  • Stenner Pumps - can be used as medicator
    • M-128 - can meter with 5 different settings and 3 different tube sizes for 25 different concentration levels 20-80 PSI’s
    • Stennicator - can meter with 3 different settings 20-80 PSI’s

  • ChemTech Pumps
    • Low Presure - 0-60 seconds up to 40 PSI
    • High Pressure - 0-15 seconds up to 80 PSI

  • Sekko Pumps
    • Used with chlorine dioxide systems

  • Pulsafeeder
    • Pumps can be used as a medicator or injection pump fitted to your needs.

  • Nip Noz
    • Easy to use jugs, just add water

Water Line Sanitation

Get the most out of each flock by maintaining the highest quality water for your birds. We offer the following products to increase your bottom line:

  • Clearitas
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Nip Noz - easy to use jugs, just add water
  • Iodine

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